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_Size 36 x 7 x 45 cm
_See colour variations below






The Demolition Bag stands as a testament, provocatively addressing the issue of waste within the construction industry. Notably, one-third of Denmark's waste is derived from this sector. Remnants, such as bricks, mortar, and concrete, are used to create the foundational material substrate. The construction waste is then encapsulated between two thin layers of natural latex, allowing the waste particles to naturally infuse the bag with their hues, patterns, and textures.


Natural latex - 60% raw rubber

_This item is produced by processing on-site sourced construction waste. Please note tha this will undeniably result in color variations and change of colour over time. The item is an experimental design and handmade. Be aware that we are not accountable for any potential injuries and therefore do not take any complaints. Hand wash only in tepid water. Freezing will damage the bag.


Instagram @simoneeloekke

Drawing upon my background in Architecture, a significant concern within the industry became apparent—the neglect and disregard of materials once they lose their perceived value. Throughout my engagement with material research, a crucial observation emerged: for individuals to form opinions and ultimately integrate a material into their daily existence, a connection needs to be formed. We need to see, touch and use the material in our everyday life in order for it to become relatable to us. Hence, I chose to repurpose materials that had undergone a depreciation in value, with the aim of transforming them into something of intrinsic worth—a tangible artifact in the form of a bag. Meticulously crafted to facilitate universal tactile engagement and practical functionality.


Simoneé Loekke is a Copenhagen based architecture student engaged in research in the intersection between materials and architecture. Her main focus is on fostering the green transition in and around the built environment through the exploration and experimentation with waste materials, striving to establish a symbiotic relationship between nature and humanity.



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