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_Flora Forever includes:
An interactive background
A digital face filter
A high res pdf
An open source 3D file

_Digital Flower to save endangered flowers for eternity. Flowers are often perceived as kind tokens of affection. But in reality fresh cut flowers cause enormous environmental harm.If nothing is done 250.000 species will be extinct by the end of this century.So what if a single flower gesture could help preserve biodiversity instead of driving extinction?Flora Forever.A digital flower inspired by multiple extinct flower species.Spread the seeds of this open source Flora Forever flower to cultivate a flourishing future.

Together we can take on a new and greener habit by gifting Flora Forever to yourself or someone you love in stead of fresh cut flowers. Download for free.

_collaborator_Anders Jørgensen


“Flora Forever” presents a way of questioning the engagement of an individual in global environmental issues. By addressing issues, which seem insignificant in the bigger picture, one sometimes highlights the actual source of our internal conflict. The top environmentalproblems are selfishness, greed and apathy, and to deal with these, we need a cultural and spiritual transformation.


Anders Jørgensen is a digital designer, experienced in developing and visualizing conceptual design spanning from 3D identities to web based concepts. Anders examines computer-generated experiences that explore the ways in which interactive technologies can be applied to experiential learning and storytelling. These experiences are a way to examine how virtual mediums can communicate the nuances of our identities and the ways they are represented in popular culture, in hope to cultivate a space for social engagement and positive change.

Since graduating at Design Academy Eindhoven, Anders has been working as a freelancer,he has had the privilege to collaborate with brands like Mads Nørgaard, 1664, Filling Pieces, Nike, Open Forrest Protocol & Near Foundation.



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