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We all wonder if it's true: Does my phone really listen to me? The most annoying proof we have is when we've had a conversation with a soon-to-be mum, and the WHOLE of our feed afterward is full of baby stuff. If phones truly do listen, we have a solution: Paid Media Greatest Hits.

It's an EP with tracks that will transform your feed into paid ads you actually want (believe it or not). All you have to do is play it to your phone. Choose between Nature_feed, Runway_feed, Cheese_feed, Feet_feed (we know you secretly want it), and Beach_feed.

Listen before your feed turns into your mum's knitting recipe.


I wrote, directed, and created this EP to mess with that and, in some sort of way, prove that your phone, in fact, is listening to you. Each track is created to have an effect on your algorithm - with a thoroughly curated vocal and sound universe suited for the theme of the track. You can say that this EP is not entirely made for you but is made for your phone. I have nothing else to say than; choose a track (and sponsored theme) of your liking and play it for your phone. I personally thank the following voices:
Kane O, Chriizah, Lili Vo, A.I, Mads from Samsø + his friend.

My government name, and in this case, artist name, is Mark Allan, and I'm a 29-year-old creative based in Copenhagen. I've worked in a lot of different creative fields, starting off with designing study trip shirts for the 9th graders when I was in 6th grade. Since then, I have pursued an education as an Art Director from DMJX, worked as a creative for multiple agencies, directed music videos, opened my own pizzeria, and released various Vinyl EPs under the alias Slim Hustla.

I think that's what might have brought me here :-)



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