New_Habits is a webshop for conceptually driven physical and digital drops, co-created with young visionaries from emerging scenes. Our main objective is to support purpose-led ideas, while also providing upcoming talent with a new platform for exposure. Some items are free of charge. Others can be bought in order to support and nurture progressive voices of the next generation; sales profit will be equally divided between the given collaborator and our investment in future projects. The name reflects the overall aspiration of this initiative; To inspire our world to take on New_Habits. 

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Sabot · bot (XYZ) is textile prints made in a collaboration between fashion brand Sabot, engineer Rasmus Tofthøj, and artist Lasse Centio. It's a conceptual experiment for textile printing that combines digital fabrication while challenging fixed modes of production in the fashion industry.

Edition of 10





Almost all new clothing is made for mass-production processes and created within highly standardized and large-scale technical facilities. The projects aims to showcase how the emerging field of digital fabrication can create alternative solutions in the fashion industry. Manual labour is extremely invisible in the supply-chain of big textile production. We want to reclaim the production to enhance personalisation, agency and to avoid overproduction. Alongside with the idea of open source technology as a usable tool for creating personalized projects.


T-shirt - 100% cotton
Print - textile watercolour and acrylic paint

_Care instructions:
- Hand-wash only
- Iron inside out (no steam)

_The Machine

The machine is a mechatronic device designed to navigate the delicate balance between the digital and the physical realms. It’s capable of controlling art mediums along the x, y and z, offering a unique interplay between automated precision and the nuance of the artist.

It is built of aluminum extrusions, standard components, a microcontroller and 3d printed parts. The brain of the machine is a microcontroller with a open source, embedded, high performance g-code-parser uploaded to it


Instagram @sabot.sabot.sabot

SABOT is a Copenhagen based upcoming brand that creates handmade garments and custom-made styles with a focus on material composition, sourcing sustainable materials and playing with identity and visual dogma. We want to use fashion as a frame to work with different ideas and conditions, everything from challenging normative body ideals to widening production possibilities through tech in fashion like 3D printing and laser-cutting. Our methods are investigative an pragmatic and the visual identity of SABOT wish to challenge dichotomies like organic/synthetic masculine/feminine, natural/technical through a lens of techno feminism.

_Rasmus Tofthøj

Instagram @_wasmus


Rasmus is a trained engineer, who harbours genuine passion for emerging technologies. Over the recent years, he has professionally worked with digital fabrication technologies like CNC machines and additive manufacturing.That experience has gradually shifted his focus from merely understanding the technical functionalities to exploring the expansive horizons of applying these technologies. Now, as the technological lead in this group, his role is to bridge the mechanical with the creative, striving to alter perceptions around the growing accessibility of modern tech.

_Lasse Centio

Instagram @lasse_centio

Lasse is a Copenhagen Based artist. His works are centered around ceramics and work on canvas created in fast materials - spray paint, acrylic paint, and clay. Based on today's popular culture – music, sport, and film – Centio creates a cross-section of the present and intuitively freezes both personal and general topics from everyday life in his compositions



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