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Finding bikinis that fit anything other than the female body is extremely challenging. Therefore, we collaborated with Oskar Kierkegaard, who identifies as non-binary, and the crochet studio Haeklet, to create The non_bi_kini.  This bikini is designed to be "flexible" and suitable for non-binary individuals assigned male at birth. Oskar and Haeklet were actively involved in shaping the idea, name, and design of the non_bi_kini, ensuring complete alignment with their values and perspectives.

Please note that we do not claim to represent all non-binary individuals. This project aims to amplify one person's experience and hopes to inspire individuals and brands to recognize the need for inclusive bikinis for everyone.


Instagram @fairies.r.4evah
TikTok @oskargundestrup

As a non-binary individual in a binary world, the non_bi_kini is crucial for me. It reflects how I navigate discrimination and embodies acceptance of queerness. Being visibly queer, it should be the bare minimum for brands to cater to us. We redesigned the traditional bikini to accommodate a penis, creating a current and trendy design without reducing queerness to a trend. I'm confident we've achieved this.


I'm Oskar, a 25-year-old creative based in Copenhagen. I study PR & Communication and dream of moving to Berlin after my bachelor thesis. Dressing up empowers me, and I love engaging in meaningful projects with a political twist. I'm signed with Majin Scouting, a modeling agency owned by friends. I do various creative work and aspire to PR in fashion or strategic advertising. Openness, courage, genuineness, loyalty, and kindness are important to me. Equality for all is at the top of my utopic vision

Instagram @_haeklet_

It has been an exciting and inspiring process and collaboration with Oskar. Overall I’m so pleased to have created this custom-made piece of clothing that actually fulfills a very specific non-binary need, which unfortunately is not yet commercially met. Hopefully the Non_Bi_Kini will be seen as an inspiration for a more diverse fashion culture.


Hæklet is a Copenhagen based crochet brand. In 2015, Hæklet crafted its inaugural piece under the guidance of its talented mother. Hæklet never uses patterns but instead embarks on an experimental journey, drawing inspiration from their everyday life with a combination of vintage and contemporary items - which makes every item unique. Haeklet produces clothing, accessories, and interior.




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